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Re: Quickbooks Online 5/22/2024 8:31:42 AM   (Total replies: 0)
Hi MattT, Thanks for writing into our forums! The QB online connecter is being built now. I don't have a release date as of yet, although you may watch the announcements for the latest information on the status. It is coming soon.

Re: Case Visit Primary Reason - Disabled Options are Visible 4/24/2017 10:47:10 AM   (Total replies: 0)
Happy Monday abuckner! Thanks for contacting us. When you edit the list, after you check enable/disable please be sure to select UPDATE before closing. It sounds like that is the only step you are missing to have the item be disabled. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Account Manager directly for further assistance. Have a beautiful day! doloresc

Re: Listing Donors by City 9/9/2021 8:27:54 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Hello Pam, Yes, you can create file categories; that is one way. You can also run a batch receipts report, change into list view, then sort by city and change to label view. This will keep your sort order. For further instructions or questions, please feel free to reach out to your designated Account Manager. Have a beautiful day!

Re: Marking Donor accounts for Correspondence 7/25/2019 3:25:36 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi adavis763, Thanks for submitting your request to the forums for consideration. Yes, great job explaining how you would use this functionality within a correspondence form. So, you would like to be able to look up and link multiple Donors after filling out one correspondence form detailing your correspondence type and details. I will detail this feedback on your center account (thanks for including your site in your user name-GREAT idea) and submit to our development team for ...

Re: Loss of feature in Donor Management Sponsor page at last ekyros update 8/6/2019 4:09:34 PM   (Total replies: 0)
Hi Jvanture! Thank you for reporting this and providing such great detail. We will check into the functionality and see if this is something that can be restored where all sponsors are indeed listed alphabetically as it was previously. Again, thank you for reporting and for the clarity! Have a beautiful day!! Doloresc

Re: formatting batch receipt letters 3/12/2019 8:10:35 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Good morning optionsnj, Thank you for your post! Our letters are formatted to fit #9 double window envelopes. Please try those and they will work nicely. Should you have any other questions on this, please feel free to contact your Account Manager directly at (469) 293-3079. Thank you again for posting and have a fabulous day! Doloresc

Re: Savvy 11/8/2018 5:05:47 PM   (Total replies: 0)
Hi jvanture, Thanks for posting in our forums. Yes, we do partner with Star Financial Services, as well as a few other online giving partners. Our preferred online giving partner is Stewardship Technologies. You can check out all the giving partners by searching online giving connector in the Help tab once you are logged into Centerpiece. Please feel free to contact your Account representative if you have any questions. Thanks again for participating in our Forums and have a blessed ...

Re: Finding stat on total individual clients served 6/14/2018 2:54:57 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Hi adcantrell, The best report for you to get an un-duplicated count of client visits would be the Unique Clients Served by Center report. This will give you exactly what you are looking for. Thank you for writing in and have a beautiful day!

Re: abstinence section of ekyros 3/7/2018 2:08:09 PM   (Total replies: 0)
Hi CindyR, Thanks for writing in! The abstinence question is the last question on the case form. Once entered there, you may pull a report on how many of your clients chose abstinence by going to Client Reports and clicking on report under Pregnancy Support named "Client Case Statistics" and selecting your first demographic of Abstinence status. This will show you how many selected Abstinence and how many did not. I hope you find that helpful. Please feel free to call in if you have ...

Re: Missing Resource 2/8/2018 3:05:28 PM   (Total replies: 0)
Hello Amanda, It could simply be that the Resource was disabled in this case and you would go to your Resource list to check and then make certain that the enable button is checked. If you have any further issue, please call me and I am happy to talk you through ways we can locate that "missing resource" and remedy your issue. Thank you for writing in today. Dolores Crawford (469) 293-3079 Ext 108

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