Prestonwood Pregnancy Center has been using Ekyros since 1999 as part of the initial testing phase. It’s immediate benefits were obvious. Before Ekyros, data was tracked on spreadsheets manually. With an online tracking system we are able to assess client needs, track contact with clients, and access up to the minute statistics to share with those who support us on an ongoing basis from any computer. We are also able to identify what resources and methods of sharing have been most successful. Ekyros provides training, but we’ve found the program to be user friendly and easy to maneuver. The Ekyros team is always available by phone or email and responds quickly to our questions. They have even updated the program based on our needs and recommendations.

Laura Tatum, Executive Director - Prestonwood Pregnancy Center

We began looking at the need to switch database providers after our previous database wasn't meeting our needs, with workarounds and frustrations. Our pregnancy center has a lot of data to track in specific ways. As we entered the market for a database service, a non-negotiable was a vendor who would be consistently responsive to our developing needs. Ekyros has done a wonderful job at that so far . Our due-diligence period was almost a year, and Margie and Ashleigh did demonstrations, answered many questions and were never pushy as we considered this software option. They even made some tweaks to the software in response to our needs before we'd signed on! Further, the data transfer process was managed with lots of attention. Ashleigh spent many hours with us making sure that the transfer of data was complete, systematically and painstakingly ensuring quality. Now that we are online, we couldn't be happier. The system works well for us and we feel confident that Ekyros will take good care of us moving forward.

Sandy Pumphrey, Executive Director - Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center

I am the Executive Director of Alternatives Pregnancy Center and I have been in this position for three years. Our center has utilized the eKYROS system for some time now. I hold an MBA and tracking and trending are very important to me. eKYROS provides numerous reports and statistics that allow me to better protect our ministry needs. It also allows me to share with my board and the public different things like what cities do our clients come from, their ages, church, ethnicity and needs. This information is helpful in my presentations to future donors. My donors, whether they are churches or individuals, use this information to know how their support is being used and help them project their future funding. Tracking donors and their giving history allows us to follow up on past and future donations. The scheduler has allowed us to go away from paper scheduling and the volunteers find it easy to use. Whenever I have questions I can contact eKYROS or use the tutorial to find what I need. The staff at eKYROS is always friendly and the turnaround time on calls is very good. I have not used any other system so I cannot compare services but I am very pleased with the service we receive.

Janet Lyons , Executive Director, MBA - Alternatives Pregnancy Center

I have had the privilege of working with eKyros Centerpiece since January, 2012. Over the last year and a half, I have come to appreciate the hard work that has gone in to and continues to go in to the system and upkeep. What a huge blessing it is to me, personally! Centerpiece has made my job a thousand times easier and I truly appreciate it!! The staff is amazing and always willing to answer the dumbest of my questions. Our wonderful case worker, Amy, is always so fast with getting back to me when I've had a question or problem. The training videos were a huge help for me, as well as the help section. Thank you so much for this great tool!!

Ya'll are a blessing to ME!

Sarah Roberts - Abel Crisis Pregnancy Center