Staff File Snapshot

See your staff and volunteer's contact and demographic information at a glance!

When opening a staff/volunteer file, you will see the staff/volunteer's profile picture as well as their contact and demographic information.

In addition, you will see the staff/volunteer's work history including their life-time hours served, a 5 year work history, and the top 5 service areas worked.

Staff Activities

Track staff and volunteer information including time cards, correspondence records, notes, and staff/volunteer categories.

The "Activity" tab on the staff file displays a chronological view of all activities by date.

Time Cards

Track staff and volunteer work hours through the Time Card form.

The Time Cards feature allows you to keep track of the number of hours worked at your center, the staff member or volunteer who did the work, as well as the specific service area for which the work was done (e.g. nurse, receptionist, fund raising, etc.).

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Upload Documents


Upload staff/volunteer documents such as signed employee agreements, volunteer agreements, etc. Documents are stored under the "Docs" tab in the staff/volunteer file.

Documents are encrypted at rest using AES-256 algorithm meeting HIPAA PHI compliance regulations.

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Appointments by Staff/Volunteer Report

Easily print out appointments by staff/volunteer before the shift starts. You can also choose to print each volunteer's appointments on a separate sheet of paper.

Staff Follow-Up

Using the staff follow-up tool you can keep track of prospective volunteers that you need to invite to the next volunteer training, send notes of encouragement or thanks throughout the year, etc.

Follow-up is displayed on the office page when you login to CenterPiece, and on the Follow-up tab in the staff file. In addition, you can easily run a report showing all follow-ups.

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Create Staff/Volunteer Letters

Within the CenterPiece™ application, you have the ability to create and manage custom letters. These letters can be used to send reminders for volunteer training, donor events, etc.

In addition to inserting merged fields, you also have the ability to include a logo at the top of your letter and a scanned signature in the signature block of your letter.