Mobile Intake

Instead of filling out paper intake forms and signing consent forms by hand, the Mobile Client Intake allows your clients to effortlessly and securely complete needed forms electronically using their smartphone or a center provided tablet.

Clients complete and sign forms using the Mobile Intake Application. This is a separate application specifically developed and designed by eKYROS giving clients a super easy way to complete their paperwork online.

The data is processed through to the Quickform where your staff/volunteers can quickly access and review it prior to (or during) their counseling session allowing for additional data to be entered before saving the information to the client file.

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Customize Forms

The new form editor in CenterPiece allows you to setup and customize your intake forms. For each question you can specify whether to show or hide the question, along with making questions "required".

In the example to the right, we've customized the contact form by removing the Spouse Name field and requiring the client to complete all address fields (fields in RED=NO, fields in GREEN=YES).

When clients complete the contact form the Mobile Intake application honors these settings hiding the Spouse Name field and ensuring the client complete the address fields. If an address field is left blank, a friendly message will appear prompting the client to complete the field. The client will not be able to proceed until all address fields are completed.

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Scheduler Integration

Form requests are integrated directly into the CenterPiece Scheduler allowing you to keep track of forms sent to clients with upcoming appointments. In addition, you can see the status of each form request to determine whether forms were sent, returned or processed. A status of "Processed" means the forms were reviewed and saved to the client chart by your staff.

Mobile Intake Inbox

Although you create and send Form Requests from the Scheduler, you receive and process returned forms in the Mobile Intake Inbox. The Inbox is located under the Office / Mobile Intake menu in CenterPiece. Here you can see all forms that have been sent, along with their associated status. Forms with a status of "Returned" are ready to be reviewed and saved to the client's chart. Just click the Start Intake button!

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