Client File Snapshot

View client contact and demographic information at a glance!

When opening a client file, you will see the client's profile picture, the client's demographic information, as well as a list of all the client's cases showing the case status, outcome, initial at-risk-assessment, current at-risk-assessment, initial stated intentions, current stated intentions, the current assessment stage and the client's spiritual status.

Activities & Medical Forms

Track client information and the services provided by your center including: intake information, pregnancy tests, pregnancy history, pregnancy outcomes, sonograms, STD tests, counseling, group classes, closets/boutiques and much more.

The "Activity" tab on a client's file displays a chronological view of all services provided by date. You can also view the locked status of all medical forms.

Lock Medical Forms

To support Pregnancy Medical Centers (PMC's), users have the ability to lock down charted medical forms and medical notes. When a user locks a form, no other users can edit or delete the form. Only the original user that applied the lock can edit or delete the form.

Upload Documents

Upload client documents such as signed consent forms, driver's licenses, etc. Documents are stored under the "Docs" tab in the client file.

Documents are encrypted at rest using AES-256 algorithm meeting HIPAA PHI compliance regulations.

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Upload Scans

Upload your ultrasound scans and attach them to the client’s ultrasound form. After uploading and attaching the scans to the ultrasound, the ultrasound form is ready for approval by the Medical Director. Scans are encrypted at rest using AES-256 algorithm meeting HIPAA PHI compliance regulations.

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Physician Sign-off

Allow your center's Medical Director secure access into CenterPiece to electronically sign-off on ultrasounds.

Using the Medical Director role your physician will be able to see a list of ultrasounds with attached scans that need to be approved, as well as previously approved ultrasounds. Once the form is opened for review, your physician will be able to view the ultrasound information and all associated attached scans in the same form (slide-show view of scans is also available).

Adding physician comments is easy and hassle-free with the comment box that is pinned to the bottom of the form, allowing the physician to view all scans while making and viewing his/her comments. Once the ultrasound is signed-off and approved a limited ultrasound report will be available for download.

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Limited Ultrasound Report

After a client's ultrasound and attached ultrasound scans have been signed-off and approved by the center's Medical Director, a Limited Ultrasound Report is available for download.

At Risk Timeline

The At Risk Timeline tab provides users with a snapshot of the client's abortion-vulnerability on one, easy to read page. This graphical view allows you to see the client's assessment during each stage of her journey, so you can easily assess changes over time.

Print Out Office Forms

The client office forms are the paper version of the electronic data entry forms including the case assessment and medical forms. provides your center with the ability to print the paper office forms to enable very clear and fast data entry into CenterPiece™.

Client Class Roster

Easily enroll one or more clients into a class either from the database, or from a waiting list. Tracking class attendance is as easy as checking the box under the date of the class. Track class completion by setting the status to completed or dropped.

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Create Client Letters

Within the CenterPiece™ application, you have the ability to create and manage custom letters. These letters can be used to send reminders for classes, letters of congratulations for the birth of a baby, announcements about upcoming events, etc.

In addition to inserting merged fields, you also have the ability to include a logo at the top of your letter and a scanned signature in the signature block of your letter.

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Client Follow-up

Easily set reminders for your staff/volunteers to call and check on clients, invite them to classes, etc.

Follow-up is displayed on the office page when you login to CenterPiece, and on the Follow-up tab in the client file. In addition, you can easily run a report showing all follow-ups.

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