Client Portal


The Client Portal is tightly integrated with CenterPiece. It's mobile friendly and HIPAA compliant:

  • Secure Messaging. CenterPiece now has messaging capabilities that allow you to communicate with your clients securely through HIPAA compliant messaging and conversations. The Portal allows clients to view, create, and reply to messages sent from CenterPiece.
  • Appointments. The Portal allows clients to view upcoming appointments and request new appointments (through PlusLink integration). New appointments appear in your CenterPiece scheduler just like appointments booked online from your website using the PlusLink Plugin.
  • Document Sharing. CenterPiece now has document sharing capabilities that allow you to share image scans, cine-loop clips, consent forms, documents and lab results with your clients. The Portal allows clients to view and download the shared documents to their personal device.
  • Education. The Portal allows clients to view their points balance. Clients earn points by completing education and training classes offered at your center. If your center has a boutique that offers material goods, clients can use their points to redeem certain items. For more information about tracking points in CenterPiece see the Points Overview topic in online help.

Send Messages


View message history, and send new messages right from the client's chart under the new Portal tab.

Document Sharing


Share documents right from the client's chart! Use the new SHARE toggle to share ultrasound scans, cine-loop clips, lab results and more. Click the button again to turn off sharing.