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Logged into old database?
Posted: 29 Mar 2023 09:18 AM
We are processing our WALK donations. This morning we had a really strange incident. One of our users signed in with the same UserID and Password she used yesterday to process donations and pledges. When she opened the donor module she saw that the name of our WALK was the name we were using up until last week. (We renamed it from WALK 2023 to 111 WALK 2023 to put it at the top of the list.) It showed up as WALK 2023. And the money raised was significantly lower than what we have processed so far. There are four others of us processing and we all saw 111 WALK 2023 with the correct numbers.

I had her sign out and back in. Same situation. I had her restart her computer -- same problem. I was getting ready to call y'all and I thought to check her User ID. I changed her password and when I did that she could log in and see the correct information.

Why did this happen? What can we do to ensure it doesn't happen again? It makes me really nervous that this may have happened in the past and we didn't know it because we don't usually change event names.
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Re: Logged into old database?
Posted: 29 Mar 2023 10:21 AM
Hello jvanture. Thank you for reaching out. The only thing that comes to mind to explain your scenario that happened with the user account prior to you changing the user's password is that their computer for some reason was not refreshing the page. Changing the password may have forced a refresh since they were logging in differently but is not the reason they were able to see the correct numbers. Sounds like the browser may have been caching an older version of the page with the previous amounts. Please reach out to your Account Manager if this happens again and they can take a look at it with you and troubleshoot further.

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