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LouAnne is not online. Last active: 12/19/2011 1:57:57 PM LouAnne
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Posted: 20 Dec 2007 02:06 PM
Is there anyway that we can print lists or Labels from the KeyWords We use this to identify different people for different activities. For ex: We have people from our Banquet that want volunteer training info so I put in the Key Word section Volunteer Training. It gives me the names but I can't print them.
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Re: Keywords
Posted: 20 Dec 2007 04:49 PM
Hi LouAnne,

A better option for tracking these groups of people would be to use "categories" (found at the bottom of the general tab). You can then run some great reports with categories to get lists, labels, or send letters to the people in a particular category. The keywords field is really only designed to be a way to search for a file (similar to last name, file id, birthdate, etc).

I hope that helps clarify. Please let us know if you need more help with this.

Merry Christmas!


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Re: Keywords
Posted: 15 Nov 2013 04:15 PM
Hi LouAnne,
I wanted to provide you an update and let you know we have released a new version of the Client Files Report, Donor Files Report, and Staff Files Report which now include the "Keywords" column. Hope this helps!Smiley


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