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1.Re: Case Visit Primary Reason - Disabled Options are Visible
Posted by ashleighg on 4/24/2017 10:50:33 AM
Hi Abuckner!
It's great to hear from you, the disabled items will *not* display when you are entering a NEW case visit form. They will display when you are editing an *existing* (saved) case visit form. Let me know if that addresses your question, have a GREAT day!

2.Re: Health History Form
Posted by ashleighg on 9/4/2018 5:22:44 PM
Hello Idagrn,
It's wonderful to hear from you, I hope you had a great 3 day weekend! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. When you are gathering her Health History, at the beginning of the appointment, and her Gravida up unto that point-- you do not yet know (for a pregnancy test) what the result is this would be PRIOR pregnancies. If she were to return for a sonogram the following week you absolutely could increment that by 1 to include the positive test ...
3.Re: Merging Staff Files
Posted by ashleighg on 3/23/2023 3:12:05 PM
Hi Jvanture,
I apologize for the delayed response. Currently you cannot Merge Duplicate Files in Staff, however you would want to mark the duplicate "Inactive" by editing the File, add "Duplicate" to the last name field and in the lower left corner be sure to uncheck the "Active" box and then select Save and Close. Secondly you can run the Client Follow Up Report for that record and edit and change the follow-ups from the duplicate to the correct ...
4.Re: Mobile Intake "For office Use" content
Posted by ashleighg on 9/25/2023 6:05:21 PM
Hello Grasshopper,
When creating/editing Intake Forms under Mobile Intake you are able to show/hide any questions. You would be able to hide the questions on Mobile Intake that the client completes however still see them in the Intake Quick Form as the staff/volunteer when reviewing and processing said forms and adding your portion of data entry.

5.Re: Health History Form
Posted by ashleighg on 9/25/2023 6:12:53 PM
Hi Grasshopper,
As Kristen said we are always open to feedback and would love to connect with you! I also wanted to mention I do see a lot of centers add this option of "Insurance" or "Medical Insurance" depending on how you want it worded, to the question on the Case Form "What outside help are you receiving?" which you are able to pull through a report OR see in the client's file for informational purposes.

Have a GREAT day!
6.Re: Health History Form
Posted by ashleighg on 9/25/2023 6:23:31 PM
Please give me a call and Ican help you find who your Account Manager is and talk through any questions!

469-293-3079 x103

7.Re: Medication Documentation
Posted by ashleighg on 1/3/2023 7:23:07 PM
Hello Jessibullis,
Happy New Year, thank you for reaching out! Within the STI Test Form you are able to track the Result as well as Treatment. The Treatment list is custom list you could create a treatment "Amoxicillin 500 mg PO TID x 7 days, Lot #55468" for example and once that lot is done you would disable and create a new list item for the next lot. Another option is to have the treatment listed as "Amoxicillin 500 mg PO TID x 7 days" and in the Comments ...
8.Re: Medication Documentation
Posted by ashleighg on 1/4/2023 11:57:43 AM
Hi Jessibullis,
Fantastic, I'm so glad I was able to help, if you have any additional questions please don't hesitate in reaching out. Have a GREAT day!

9.Re: iPhone App
Posted by ashleighg on 10/5/2020 4:05:15 PM
Hello Angie,
We do not provide a downloadable app, you are able to easily access CenterPiece via your web browser.
With our last update we have completely Mobile Optimized CenterPiece so it is easier to navigate on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, iPad, etc. with the collapsible menu, task pane, larger buttons for clicking with your finger, etc. With that said we are a large line of business (LOB) application with many data entry forms and large reports. Using a small ...
10.Re: Classes
Posted by ashleighg on 7/20/2023 6:51:30 PM
Hello RSchuurman,
Thank you for reaching out! Currently there is not a way to mark a group class as canceled, you just wouldn't record attendance for that specific week.

If you have additional questions please let us know, have a great day!

11.Re: Clients per Advocate
Posted by ashleighg on 2/2/2022 1:36:37 PM
Hi BekahNPRC,
Thank you for reaching out! I would recommend running the Case Status Report which shows each case based on when it originated and the originating staff/volunteer. You can export and Print this report. You would access this by Logging in to CenterPiece, click on Client, click on Reports, click Run Report on Case Status Report, select date range OR Case Status: Open and lastly Run Report. You will see the last 2 columns display Last Visit Date and Last Correspondence ...
12.Re: Changing a case number
Posted by ashleighg on 6/29/2018 10:02:07 AM
Hi CindyR,
It's great to hear from you! The system automatically numbers the cases in sequential order, as they are added to the system. You cannot change the number of a case or File ID, if the cases are 002 and 003 it is because there originally was a case 001 that was actually deleted at some point. You cannot change the number of the case and would have to delete all activity and cases and re-enter (you would not have to delete the File itself). It does not affect statistics ...
13.Re: Changing a case number
Posted by ashleighg on 3/29/2022 3:51:22 PM
Hi Melguz,
Yes, Maggie is correct, usually the lower File ID was created first and has the older cases however you can always review and see the order and date of cases in the third column "Destination File
(Merge Results)" moving forward it is important to review this and ensure it is merging in the order you want. If it is backwards (newest first) you can click the back button and adjust the source/destination file numbers.
14.Re: Copy of statement not generating in activity tab
Posted by ashleighg on 5/10/2022 4:31:55 PM
Hi Emma,
It sounds like the batch receipts are not being saved, once you run the Statements you would add your logo and letter and then in the top left you would click "Save Statements" and be able to see saved statements in the donor record. I have included the training video link below

15.Re: Add Payment type to donations
Posted by ashleighg on 7/21/2022 3:37:48 PM
Hello Kaloua3,
Thank you for reaching out, it's great to hear from you! At this time you cannot edit the Payment Type list, what additional option would you like to see made available?

16.Re: Signature block
Posted by ashleighg on 1/10/2023 5:51:20 PM
Hello Jaye,
It's so good to hear from you, Happy New Year! Once you have uploaded the signature image you also need to create a signature and be sure to have text in the farewell line and/or name line. I have included the training video link below, however give us a call and we can walk you through it!

17.Re: Question about pledges
Posted by ashleighg on 3/23/2023 3:15:12 PM
Hi Jvanture,
At this time you cannot print a report specific to a Batch of pledges entered through Batch Entry, you could always do a "Print Screen" and print that. Can you help me understand how your center would use that information, as far as pledges from a specific batch versus all pledges for a date range?

18.Re: Tags
Posted by ashleighg on 3/9/2022 10:19:04 AM
Hi Farmom,
Thank you for reaching out! If you are tracking donors who are giving to a certain project I recommend using "Event" for things like Banquet, Walk for Life, Baby Bottle, Year End Appeal, etc. If you are wanting to track a donor to group them based not on giving such as "Board Member" "Individual" "Newsletter" "Church" and so on that is a great way to utilize categories.

You can access the master category ...
19.Re: Question about pledges
Posted by ashleighg on 3/24/2023 5:18:29 PM
Hi Jvanture,
I have added "Batch List Report" as a feature request to be considered for a future update, thank you for helping me understand why this is important to you. While you cannot pull the Pledges Report by a specific walker it does display the columns "Group Name" and "Group Captain" which you can sort by in CenterPiece or export the report out to Excel and filter by a specific walker.

I apologize about the email issue, it has ...
20.Re: Stewardship merging with CDM+ Essentials
Posted by ashleighg on 5/11/2023 10:14:46 AM
Hi Jaye,
Happy Thursday! Yes, absolutely, when we introduce integrations into the system we will be sure to post Release Notes Announcement. Please let us now if you have any additional questions or feedback. Have a good day!

21.Re: recurring clients
Posted by ashleighg on 10/1/2018 11:25:59 AM
Hello KathyE,
You are correct, a new case should not be entered for EACH visit. You only enter a new case for each new potential pregnancy-- so each pregnancy test visit would be a new case, unless it is the same LMP and is a retest. A case is a support cycle, so for a potential new pregnancy (pregnancy test visit) you would add a case, if the test is positive and they return for parenting/prenatal classes that would be part of the same case/support cycle and would be visits under ...
22.Re: Addition to who accompanied client to visit
Posted by ashleighg on 4/6/2015 12:00:27 PM
Hi Adcantrell,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us! From my understanding the purpose of "who accompanied the client" is to discern the "supporting person(s)" who came along with the client. This is based on CareNet's list, I will however detail your feedback and provide to the development team. Until then you will want to utilize the "other" option. A workaround option would be to create, in the Concepts Shared ...
23.Re: Addition to who accompanied client to visit
Posted by ashleighg on 4/6/2015 12:49:41 PM
Thank you for your encouraging words! We always strive to be an extension of your team at the center, glad that comes through!Smiley Thank you for following up, have a GREAT day!

24.Re: Question about Who Accompanied Client to center for Care Net Report
Posted by ashleighg on 3/23/2023 3:19:13 PM
Hi Angie,
Happy Thursday, I hope your week has been good! We work closely with CareNet every year to review and adjust the report based on their feedback. CareNet has removed the question "Who Accompanied the Client" from their annual report so we have made adjustments to reflect that. The one-click CareNet Report in CenterPiece is the most current version available, based on CareNet requirements, today.

At this time the "WhoAccompanied" ...
25.Re: Addition to who accompanied client to visit
Posted by ashleighg on 3/23/2023 3:25:23 PM
Hi Angie,
Yes ma'am, I have added that as a feature request to be considered for a future update, CareNet removed that question from their report so you cannot currently pull through the system.

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