Appointment Scheduler

Use the Scheduler to track upcoming client appointments at your center. View upcoming appointments by Day, Week or Month. Assign color coded categories for each appointment type. Check clients in and track appointment status such as: show, no show, cancelled, or rescheduled. Also generate a quick report showing each staff/volunteer's upcoming appointments.

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Appointment Reminders

Send out HIPAA compliant SMS Text messages to remind clients about upcoming appointments right from within the CenterPiece Scheduler.

The confirmation code that is texted back will be updated and displayed on the Scheduler and appointment form.

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Resource Management

Using the resource view you can schedule resources such as sonogram equipment, counseling rooms and even personnel without the need to worry about double-booking a resource because the Scheduler handles this for you.

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Use the PlusLink Plugin to allow clients to schedule HIPAA compliant appointments directly from your website.

New appointments are downloaded directly to your CenterPiece Scheduler, ensuring they never get lost or fall through the cracks.

FREE to eKYROS customers, no additional fees for 3rd party plugins required!

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Leverage the resources of PlusLink call centers for electronic scheduling of after-hours appointments right from within the CenterPiece Scheduler.

By registering with different national and regional PlusLink call centers, you center will be able to utilize the resources of the call centers to get after-hours callers connected with you center. The PlusLink call center consultants can schedule appointments electronically for your pregnancy center and the appointments will be automatically downloaded into your Scheduler!

The appointments are downloaded as "appointment requests" and are displayed at the top of the Scheduler. All you have to do is click the Add button next to the request and it will be converted to an appointment and added to the Scheduler.

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Office Calendar

The Office Calendar provides a consolidated view of all upcoming appointments, classes and events scheduled at your center.