Our Mission is to use our God-given gifts and talents in the areas of technology, software design, and customer service to partner with and create solutions for Pregnancy Resource Centers and Clinics around the globe, allowing them to more effectively focus on their core mission of saving LIVES. In addition, by utilizing our collective statistics we hope to demonstrate the Kingdom impact of PRCs around the world, and provide a united voice for LIFE.

Our Heart: When our company launched in 1999, our hope was that God would use our software to save the life of one child. In the minds of our founders, saving the life of just one child justified creating a software solution for Pregnancy Resource Centers. Since those early days, God has blessed eKYROS.com in unimaginable ways and has grown our vision: He has graciously allowed us to not only be a part of saving one life, He has allowed us to be involved with over 1,600 PRC offices and mobile units world wide and to indirectly be involved in saving the lives of thousands of children. We are incredibly grateful and humbled to have been used by God for such an important work. Now, with over 20 years of serving centers and a team that continues to grow, our heart remains the same: we at eKYROS.com are deeply passionate about the cause of LIFE and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to every tribe and tongue. This is a call for which we believe, both individually and corporately, God has called us. It has been said that once God puts a call on your life, He doesn’t revoke that call. We believe that to be true and it is for that reason that we have remained solely devoted to the PRC ministry and have not ventured into serving other markets. eKYROS.com remains, and we pray that God will allow us to remain, completely and wholly devoted to the work of saving lives both physically and spiritually by using our gifts and talents to support and promote PRCs around the globe.

Our Word: As a company we see ourselves as an extension of the Pregnancy Resource Centers and Clinics we serve. We are grateful for our role and know that you have committed to us by implementing our software at your center. We commit to you as well and are here to assist you to ensure success during every step of your journey using our software and services. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your center.