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Defaults 2/22/2008 4:08:54 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Is there any way to make defaults for data entry? Most of our clients/donors/staff are from the same city, state, zip and area code... it would be great if those defaults would already be entered (or a drop down list created as they are entered). Did we miss some page where defaults could be set?

Re: Defaults 5/11/2010 7:58:35 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Any progress on this?

Re: email receipts 5/11/2010 7:56:34 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Your reply was dated in Dec. 2008... has this been incorporated into the program? If so, how do I access it? Thanks!

email receipts 12/10/2008 10:28:40 AM   (Total replies: 1)
Your program has been a money saver for our PCC, but we are looking for further ways to cut down costs. Specifically, we would like to use email to conduct more of our business. For instance, sending a receipt for a donation by email instead of by mail (except for end of the year and IRS records). Is there a way to use the program's resources to accomplish this task. This would mean sending a different piece of "mail" to each individual we selected. It would be great if an email program could ...

Gifts In-Kind 4/7/2010 5:17:02 PM   (Total replies: 1)
How do we record material gifts that are given? Such as blankets, diapers, manual labor, etc.? How do we record what the gift is and how can we create a report of it?

Re: Batch Receipts 11/5/2008 11:13:30 AM   (Total replies: 1)
I tried it and it inserted the text. What was confusing me was that I was expecting a WYSIWYG editor. Is there any way to insert the text in the bottom portion that is returned with the next gift? It would make more sense to have my "letter" portion there... especially if I was asking the donor to check their address or add a phone number. Thanks for you help... and while I ask a lot of questions, it is because the program is being used a bunch. I have used some of the donor section ...

Re: Batch Receipts 11/4/2008 11:46:43 AM   (Total replies: 1)
I guess I am dense... but I don't get it. Would you walk me through the process? I see the batch reports and I see that you can create a letter, but how do you mix the two? If I use the batch report, I cannot edit it. If I go to to create a letter, I don't have all the fields of the batch report. If I copy and paste the batch report into a new letter, it will look the same and I can edit it, but I don't have the fields (only their resulting information). So, would you walk me through the ...

Re: Batch Receipts 10/23/2008 1:01:08 PM   (Total replies: 1)
Along the lines of these questions... Can the Batch Receipt format be imported into Letter Creator section of the program? Then additional statement elements (like "Please review your contact information for accuracy" or "Please include email address in space provided" could be added to future Batch receipts (now we would use the new letter format instead of the default batch receipt).

Re: Receipts 10/23/2008 1:14:06 PM   (Total replies: 0)
Hi Sarahm! I am not sure I follow your instructions when you say, "the one thing you can edit on the receipt itself is the "Letter" section. How is this done? If I select "Report" it apparently can not be edited before export. If I choose "Letter" I would need to create a new letter and it would not have the information on it that the "Report" has so I would recreate the "Report" and then add my elements. Is this correct? Or am I missing something?

Family data 12/15/2008 11:13:16 AM   (Total replies: 2)
I know that a church management program usually handles a complete family profile, but it would be very useful to have family profiles in ekyros as well. When our donor contact person is making a phone follow-up, it would be useful to have the spouse and children listed as well as the head of the household. We have seen each child of a family support our "Walk for Life" and it would be great to note their contributions without creating a separte file on each. Then notes could be made that would ...

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