Powerful (real-time) Reporting

Extensive reporting capabilities allow your center to report on all PRC related activities. Additionally, your participation in the CenterPiece allows you to access consolidated information on a local and national basis.

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Powerful Analytics

Analyze your data, viewing totals by multiple demographics at a time. You can view totals up to 3 levels deep. For example, view pregnancy test results by age, race or income level. Not sure the numbers look correct? No problem, you can drill down on each number to validate each total.

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Drill Down

Gone are the days of running reports and wondering if your numbers are correct or not. With CenterPiece™ Reports and Statistics you can drill down on totals to validate and even correct your data. Clicking on the total below shows the 9 clients age 15-19, with a positive pregnancy test in 2018.

National Group Reporting

In an effort to help our centers save time so they can focus on their core mission of saving lives, eKYROS.com has created several one-click reports for National Groups including:

  • CAPSS - Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services
  • Care Net
  • EvanTell Save the Mother Save the Child (SMSC)
  • Focus on the Family - Option Ultrasound
  • The Vitae Foundation